Emre Toros, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Chairperson

Emre Toros

Contact Information

Office:Rektörlük Binası No:414
Home Department:Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Detailed CV

Academic Degrees

PhD of Philosophy Political Science Bilkent University 2007
Master's of Science Political Science and Public Administration Middle East Technical University 2000
Master's of Science European Policy Law and Management The Robert Gordon University 1998
Bachelor's of Science Political Science and Public Administration Middle East Technical University 1996

Academic Titles

Assoc. Prof. Atılım University October 2012
Asst. Prof. Atılım University January 2008

Research Topics

Comparative Politics, research methodology, Political Institutions, Turkish Politics



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Other Refereed Journals

Emre Toros, Özcan Yağcı (2000), Structural Features of Turkish Tourism Industry: A Comparison With Tourism Policies of the European Union, Hacettepe University, Journal of Faculty of Economics and administrative Sciences, 18, 35-57

International Conference Proceedings

Emre Toros (2013), Short Term Pragmatism or Long Term Ideologies: Identifying the motivations of voting behaviour in Turkey with SEM., International Conference on Management Innovation and Business Innovation, Singapore

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Book Chapters

Emre Toros (2015), Understanding Negativity Within and Among Different Levels of Governments: Evidence from Turkey, New Perspectives on Negative Campaigning, 199-216

Emre Toros (2011), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Türkiye'de Siyasi Liderlik: Dönemler Özellikler ve Karşılaştırmalar, Ankara, 179-195

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