Eleştirel Okuma (İngilizce) (KAM 332) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Eleştirel Okuma (İngilizce)
Kod: KAM 332
Ön Koşul Ders(ler)i: Yok
Amaç: This course helps students to gain skill on critical reading. Besides, they will have improved their writing and listening skills as well.
İçerik: This course aims to help students to gain skill on critical reading as well as critical thinking. Articles from newspapers and magazines in their subject matter will be used during the course. They will learn what a text says and how that text describes the subject matter.
Dönemi: Güz
Teori: 4
Uygulama: 0
Laboratuar: 0
Kredi: 4
AKTS Ders Dosyası: Ders Dosyası
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